Gamebreaking bug: Fall through world when entering buildings


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Current game (~Day 110) just encountered a bug preventing me from leaving Coastal Highway outdoors. Whenever I try to enter a building (or leave Coastal Highway through the Pleasant Valley connector) my character falls through the earth. Reloading the save has reproduced this issue for several different transitions (anything that require a fade-to-black load).

The circumstances leading up to this bug were very odd. It began after shooting a bear with an arrow and attempting to flee into a trailer. The screen faded to black like it was loading the interior normally, but instead I reappeared outside the trailer door. I no longer have any ability to interact with this particular door, and since this occurred I fall through the world after attempting to enter other buildings (including trying to leave Coastal Highway).

This bug may be similar to one reported by another user (viewtopic.php?f=56&t=9709).

I can provide the save file or any other information that may help diagnose the bug. Unfortunate this happened so late in my game, but I hope it helps the dev team. I love this game so far, thanks for all the hard work!

Probably not relevant to the issue, but this is the machine I am playing on:

Intel Core i5-2400 quadcore CPU @3.10 GHz


Nvidia GeForce GTX 560

Windows 7 (64-bit)

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I thought some screenshots/coordinates may be useful, so I went back to the save to create them.

Here is the trailer that started it all. Despite the fact it says "Door" on the screen, it is not possible to interact with the door anymore.


As an example of what happens when I attempt to use other doors, let's enter the mine that connects to Pleasant Valley.


After the black loading screen, I reappear somewhere else...falling through the world.



Hope that helps clarify the problem.

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I also experienced this bug at abandoned mine no.5 near stone church, I have a copy of the save file and game play archive of everything that happened beforehand (if necessary as it happened while streaming on twitch)

I was able to continue the save and was able to later go into the same mine after multiple transitions. (went back to coastal highway etc)

(apologies if i was supposed to make a new topic)

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