Greate game so far...


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I have to say this is a great game.

Getting better at surviving.

Latest go a the sandbox on normal diff. I had just made my deer boots and was on my way back home when I get attacked by a wolf....I fought and he ran off bleeding. A lot of my gear got damaged and went on my way again to get home when another wolf attacks.....this time I got an arrow off and hit it and it died in the knife fight.....but..... I had only 3 pieces of cloth left on me me hehe my hat, underwear and gloves. I must have looked silly I was standing in the woods with my....err behind in the cold wind. My new boots ruined...aghh I was mad. Then a freaking Blizzards hit me...ran to a nearby burned out house with a stow and made a fire..collected a few stick and got 1 hour of warmth. I ended of sprinting home i that blizzard and thank god for knowing my surrounding so well made me survive.

Now I am at the coastal road or what ever it is called...had a flare out because for some reason never found that Rifle and only have 1 bow and 1 arrow...anyway I hear this strange animal sound...not an wolf....I look around and a freaking bear comes charging....holy ****......I light the flare and throw it....for a sec I was sure it would not work ..but thank god the thing scared him off....I found a house and ran inside.

This and the the atmosphere in the game makes me want to play more. Looking forward to see the finished game. It sometimes that tension...that makes you love it when you hang on and not giving up and then making it so much fun...Thank you :)

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