Bear Spawn in Timberwolf Mountain

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I experienced this a bit ago, but haven't reported it until now.

My second day in Timberwolf Valley, I left the Mountaineer's Hut to break into the containers near the wing. While I was there, I had checked the area for the bear, figuring that it would be bad to have him attack me after I'd grabbed all these supplies. As it was midday and there was no signs of him, I decided to go into the cave to see if there was anything of worth.

Flare in hand, I go in. I can't recall if I found anything, maybe a piece or two of firewood, but in short order, I started my way home to avoid the approaching storm.

As I proceed towards the mouth of the cave, I watch as the bear I'd been keeping an eye out for spawns in right in front of me. He doesn't turn the corner into the cave, doesn't walk over the ridge from Crystal Lake, but SPAWNS in.

As I finished lighting off my flare, I get attacked and from there end up bleeding, freezing, and encumbered. Needless t say, I do not make it home that night.

So, a little surprising. Hopefully, this can be tweaked so it doesn't happen again, to myself or anyone else.

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