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I find myself on attempt number 3 sitting a month in and wanted to pass on some of my feedback before I forget.

I am definitely enjoying the sandbox mode, even the little furry happiness vampires (wolves) have begun to grow on me so to speak.

Sprinting with lit matches seems like it should not work, during some mad dashes through a mine I found that it did and giggled a little at my tiny bit of unwarranted fortune. Expected result: upon sprinting while holding lit match user witnesses match blow out with increase in ambient air speed.

I have been finding environmental bugs such as wolves walking in place and malfunctioning bird noises just outside the mine (leading to desolation point) in commuter's lament near the burned out house.

Cooking is an odd beast. I feel like it could use a skill progression like sharpening, etc... that would reduce the time or increase the quality (buffs perhaps?). Cooking a (roughly) 2.5lb chunk of meat could take 15-30min in the right circumstances yet it seems to be the most laborious of all the crafted items required for basic survival. It would be very helpful if there was an action option when selecting meat (cooked or uncooked) that would let me use a tool to cut it into smaller pieces. Adversely there seems to be about 1100 calories in a 2lb beef chuck (random search result), increasing the caloric gain from a 1kg slab of tastyness could make it more worth the weight.

Using the fire I have encountered a bug several times where added fuel results in the burn time being increased, however as it ticks down past 25 minutes it jumps to 9 minutes remaining. This behavior repeats until the fire goes out if the user continues to add fuel. It is possible this is a result related to relighting a fire from embers.

Upon cooking salvaged deer meat which was 12 percent before cooking, I found its condition was now 64 percent yet it gave me an illness when eaten as I sort of expected. Intuition would be that spoiled food would retain its spoiled percentage after cooking.

A couple times I have eaten the wrong food by mistake, or ended up accidentally eating it when the intent was to cook it. I found no "cancel" button to stop the eating process. This is a feature that would be a useful if minor addition.

A tutorial would be pretty informative if it covered all the basic stuff. It would be pretty awesome if this tutorial came in the form of a companion who, after helping you master the basics, gets eaten by wolves while out foraging for supplies. For example: It was about twenty five days before I discovered potable water in toilets. Honestly, I did not expect to find it there.

On that note, some toilets that do not have a water-tank seem to contain potable water. Upon examination of where this water must inevitably come from I am forced to question its cleanliness. Please make the user boil water taken directly from the toilet-bowl.

Would it be out of the question to pack a bunch of snow into the freezer and then use a fridge to store food at a reduced deterioration rate? Alternately could I not just leave meat outside and prevent it from spoiling (provided the weather and animals allow such a thing)?

Crafting is fairly solid as far as my experience thus far. I finished the wolf pelt and deerskin pants plus some other random stuff. On my way to forge arrow heads when I remembered to write this.

I find this title to be a really illuminating and stimulating world to play in. The fog can create some truly intense scenarios while trying to move about. I will definitely put in whatever info I can on reproducible bugs and random feedback like this.

Thanks for all your long hours and hard work!

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Thanks for your thoughtful feedback and suggestions. Welcome to the game - and to the forums! I'll be sure to pass along some of your notes.

Apart from the notes you've made here, are there mechanics you're enjoying, or that you find work in a consistent and logical manner? I'm always curious to draw these comparisons from players that share this kind of feedback.

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