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3. Stamina bar does not reflect states of tolerance to light, medium, hard, overload (i am not meaning the weight load now, but work load).

What is wrong: its barely related to the reality that running for the short time and distance is much less (almost not at all) affecting the fresh-tired condition than a couple hour race.

Suggestion: to divide the stamina bar for several parts, so the first part be equal about original amount of stamina and not affect tiredness while consuming (or refilling), second - makes character to get tired more fast when consuming (or refilling), third makes character to get tired even more fast then previous one when consuming (or refilling) and so on. When the consuming the first part - no alarm and green color, when consuming the second - yellow color of the scale and character`s phrase alarm, signaling about overload, consuming the third part - red color of scale and character`s phrase alarm, signaling about excessive overload; when the scale is ended - character cannot run, barely walking and complaining to be completely exhausted.

When the character is fresh - stamina bar could refill faster, when tired - slower, when is exhausted - draining of stamina bar and no refilling.

I beg you excuse about my English. My best wishes and thanks The Long Dark team for the work you are doing, it is really good idea and the game is very unique and atmospheric.

I realize that just to propose the changes is much easier then to apply them to such a complicated program as a computer game. I know almost nothing about the programming, so it is hard to me to know are my propositions convenient but think they will help to make the game more realistic and i hope that they be accepted as worthy to apply.


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