A small ski cart?


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You know...whille i was in Abandoned mine,I ran into coal,laying on the floor,for the first time.Imediately it ran trough my head thought,what would that coal be used for? I know it is not put in game just as campfire and stove fuel.Pls,DO NOT( !!) tell me its purpose. :D I want to discover that by my own.

Well,other thing ran trough my head as well,whille thinking,why coal is added to game.I realised soon,that coal will only represent another balast,more weight added to our,already overloaded backpack.And then I thought...how about to add in game also small cart on skies? No need to be something large,capacity would be 10-20 kg( I don`t know,how much is that in lbs).In that cart we would load coal and wood,of course it could be used for other stuff to load.But,as it would be open,clothing would not be wise to load in,coz they would get wet and frozen.Of course,this cart would still represent additional weight and movement would be slowed down(but not punished with too heavy raise of fatique).That way we could transport wood and coal much more comfortable and save space in backpack for tools and other resources and items.

And with this add of ski cart,it would be great,that we could unequip our backpack.And sometimes choose to use onl ski cart or only backpack,depends on task,we want to do.Come on,just think abit logical. :) Since TLD was introduced,we are stick with backpack all the time.We have it on,whille we travel,we have it on,whille we are indoors,doing indoor tasks.We even sleep in bed with backpack on. :) I never before thought about that,but now,more I think about that,more weird it seems to me,that backpack is all the time stick to us,like glued.At least whille we are indoors and sleeping,it could be unequipped.While using cart,we could all neccessarry basics stuf simply add to cart(of course,that would make less space for coal and wood).

I hope you,team guys,will take this into consider,and that this idea is not reall that bad.Well,probably simmilar suggestions were oredi made in this way,I am sure.I just made this idea more wide open. ;)

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