Sneaking wolves, Wolves spawning in hills


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This game is great! I am always coming up with ideas, and love to share them here, given they might already be in the game or defeating the overall vision/intent of the developers,

  • I notice that as long as one has plenty of bandages and Oldman lichen bandages and a knife, plus 100% health status, I can take down a couple of wolves before dying, thus never dying due to an overabundance of spawning wolf meat.
  • I'd like to see the wolves stalking the prey until detected, THEN barking and running them down.
  • It would be more challenging if the wolves sneak up on me than giving away their position easily .
  • id like to see the wolves detection range increased, and hunt from the hills looking down instead of walking aimlessly in a loop. Id love to be surprised buy a cunning predator.
  • Not sure if scent matters in the game and direction of wind, but having a wolf stalk me and suddenly attack is more exciting because i stink from no bathing for days.
  • I'd like to see the wolves track footsteps, if they dont already.
  • One last crazy idea, multiplayer, where people can play as a wolf to survive, hunt in packs with friends, and try to ruin someones game :twisted: Logging on into someones game and stalking them would rock!

Sorry to anyone who has already suggested these ideas. Hinterland-Thanks for a great game!

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Last idea woudl never work due to the way that game is done. Its been stated many many many times. Starting with how whole time fast-forwarding thing works and ending with the fact that once youre dead, youre dead. Every game would be set to private or coop(even that would be impossible for game in its current state), and i mean literally every game. There is simply no point to it.

It may have worked in DL, but it simply wont work in LD.

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