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bear grills

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First of all i would like to say that this game is really immersive and puts me into the shoe of a survior, at the alpha stage im already hooked onto the game however after playing for around 67 days (in game) other than surviving i wonder if its just about staying out as long as possible then die or is that any hope of finding other people and being rescued or something alone that line. At my stage it feels quite repetitive due to limited crafting options, could there be something else as a gamer to look out for in this game or explore? is there "hope"? Perhaps there could be a few alternate endings to get "rescued" or end the game to pat myself in the back to say yes i did it wow what a journey but i made it.

1. Ending plot

1. find other survivors

2. ship rescue from the sea

3. helicopter rescue from sending signals transmitted from radio station etc.

( yes i know there is a geomagnetic storm ) but according to google:

A geomagnetic storm is a temporary disturbance of the Earth's magnetosphere caused by a solar wind shock wave and/or cloud of magnetic field that interacts with the Earth's magnetic field. The increase in the solar wind pressure initially compresses the magnetosphere.

2. Seasons

Should there be a change in season after being stranded for a few months?

different plants, animals, conditions

3. Other survivor maps

1. Tropics

2. Desert

3. Stranded on Island

4. Advanced crafting

More crafting options like bear hide coat, shoes, etc.. other than making a sleeping bag. A bigger knife perhaps to increase speed of gathering meat and deals more damage. A defensive weapon, setting a trap with bait.

5. Combat skill

should we have the freedom to dodge attacks from wolf or just spam Left mouse when an animal attack?

if we keep fighting many wolfs should we know their pattern or attacks and can we actually be more effective against them in future. Also side note, dont wolf hunt in packs? haha

6. Animal hunting pattern and timing of animal behaviour.

im not sure about this but is there already a certain timing where animals hunt in the game or does it happen all the time. if so would the road be cleared once i kill them or do they keep spawning.

i have more to say but ill save that for another day!

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1. Story mode is incoming.

Also, there is no actually clear reason given to what happened. That "geomagnetic disturbance" can actually be anything, from emp blast to shift in Earths magnetic poles.

2/3. Nope. Implementing season(or different biomes) would mean the need to redraw all maps, several times with completely new textures. Not to mention making serious changes to game mechanics. Its like 3 additional games worth of work.

4. Yes. why to hell i cant make wolf mittens or repair deer boots with rabbit hides ? And wtf it takes whole hide to patch up few(20%) holes ? It would be far more logical to have ability to cut hides down to patches and then use those to repair stuff. Current crafting mechanics(wtf do i need a forge to make simple arrowhead, or even workbench to make clothes) and assortment is a shame to anything that can be called survival game.

5. Id prefer a bit different approach to skills, as increasing aiming accuracy or dealing more damage per hit when fighting off wolves. Classical one, with skill points, rather than based on quicktime events. Skills that govern every aspect of the game, making player just a bit more efficient in that particular area, maybe with additional perk possibility at certain milestones.

6. Most animals spawn in certain areas and wolves have either patrol areas or paths. As far as i can tell, all animals respawn after a while. But they also may despawn or not respawn, untill the next respawn cycle. I just finished clearing out Timberwolf Mountains and in northern area of the map theres 2 narrow pathways, that are the only ways to proceed, without taking a really long detour and they both have bear spawns on them. So, if i cant bypass that bear(and i dont wannt to kill it, since i have more than enough meat and just dumping 40 kilos of it is more than i can bear, im already forced to throw away meat because it spoils at completely crazy rates), i just back off, retreat to nearest cave, do some maintenance, cook some meat, boil some water, sleep on it, and return the next day with a good chance that bear is gone. And bear can respawn again on that spot some time later. Same goes for all animals.

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