Please HELP me! quick crafting Question


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hey all,

So i "crafted" the deer skin boots and pants. Issue is now they sit in my inventory unfinished saying they need 12 hours each. However when i go to the work bench with them in my inventory the craft button is grayed out and it has red X over the materials and says "in progress 12 hours". I have the required sewing kit and I am simply perplexed.... Is there something simple I am missing or is this a bug?

How do I finish crafting these items? Any help appreciated. I can send screen shots if needed. Thanks.


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sounds like you do not have enough skin or guts anymore. you had to have them to get crafting started, but you need to keep them in order to finish. when crafting long duration items like the boots, the default is to perform only 0.5 hours. to craft for longer, up to the entire time of 12.5 hours, you must adjust the display on the right using the arrows. all displayed requirements must be met. I imagine after only 0.5 hours of crafting, you still need 1 hide and 3 guts for your boots and 2 hides and 3 guts for pants. happy hunting.

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