'Customizable' game difficulty.


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You have the three difficulty settings for the game. I think it would be better if rather than 'prepackaged' you gave a set of game features to have set at none, low, medium, or high.

Predator Aggression

-none: will never attack

-low: will attack if provoked

-medium: see you as prey, will pursue if you especially if you are weakened, but there is a moderate chance of frightening off

-high: see you as prey or a competing predator to be eliminated, will agressively pursue and very hard to frighten off

Calorie burn rate

-none : can still die through dehydration, exposure, or injury (which is set equal to what low would be)

-low (equal to the current lowest)

-medium (equal to the current medium)

-high (equal to the current highest)

Item degradation rate (note, regardless of choice, some items should not degrade ever IMHO such as MRE, Whetstone,)





Starting items

-none - if you want to start the game nekkid, that's your business. (we will put some matches near by...good luck!)

-low-Just light clothing, and matches

-medium -Mostly light clothing, a few items, a small amount of food

-high - moderate clothing, a few more items, enough food for 3 days.

Item Regeneration Rate





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