Flickering on snowy surfaces.


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Hi Hinterland Team hope you guys had a great holidays.

This game runs butter smooth on max graphics on my gaming laptop usually but I'm reporting an issue on my system seemingly when changing my view. For example if I am looking a the ground then raise my view to the horizon line, I tend to get a flashing or flickering effect where the snow seems to flicker between dark and light almost as if it can't render the shadows properly at some angles? It's sporadic though.

For reference I'm running the following specs:

AW M-17 laptop

GPU: Nvidia GTX 765m

CPU: Core i7-4700 - 2.4 Ghz

Resolution 1600x 900 60 hz

RAM: 16 GB

Also to note this is happening on my fiance's Laptop as well and he's running the same setup save for only having 8GB RAM. I can try to get you guys a video if you need it.

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