A New Sled? Pleeeeease?


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We can build things, we can weave and sew things. Can we please have an option to make a sled; something we can drag along behind us to carry a load. It's a simple enough design. Easier to make than a new fut coat.

We could even make it upgrade-able. A simple sled can carry ten kilos. An upgraded one can carry twenty.

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You don't really need a sled, I've carried up to fifty kilo's. Works fine, you just go slower and you burn more calories. Which would happen with a sled as well.

Would you be able to run from wolves with a sled? Probably not, so you'd have to add a mount/dismount mechanic, which only complicates the game further.

Also, carrying stuff on your backpack, you can mount steep angles. A sled would get stuck or flip over (and if it doesn't, people will complain that it's not *realistic* enough).

So from a development standpoint, a sled is actually not such a great idea. Also, it has been suggested many times before.

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I really like the idea of dragging a sled behind me.

When I go out hunting to supply a camp it would be nice to drag a sled full of hides and meat and such.

Also when you decide to travel from map to map you can take a "care package" type of pack in the sled.

It would be cool if you can ride on the sled too. It sled down mountains and such.

To build the sled there would need to be skis, like cross-country skis.

Oh my! please add cross-country skis and snow shoes! I mean... this takes place in Canada!

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