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Now as you all know there is nothing to do late game. By late game i mean when you collected all the tools, crafted the best clothes, have your rifle and crafted your bow with arrows. Whats left to do? At this point holing up in a favorable location close to food and just wait there is all you can do really. You ration, sleep and heal and do it all over again untill you need to hunt for half a day maybe a bear or deer and continue this untill you ran out of a way to start fire... There is no incentive to even leave the house nor travel to another area other than the forge but even forge is something you visit once and forge maybe 25 arrowheads to last you forever. Back to holing up in the house... Now i know many people are against the forge but i think it is a good step at the right direction. What we need is a late game crafting and base building system that would require us to collect materials from all over the maps forcing us to prepare for big expeditions. For this kind of gameplay to work we need a couple of things.

1. A way to carry the materials we are going to build with:

A crafted wooden sledge or a found plastic sledge to carry these materials would be great. Even a travois would do but with some penalties over the sledge.

2. Materials:

Materials should be found at certain parts of the maps and be near infinitelly available. Our only worry should be to plan the expeditions to these locations and to carry back these materials while dealing with the wildlife, weather and unforseen circumstances. It would be even better if these locations are randomised in every new game.

3. A sense of progression:

Right now we have no sense of progression. Nothing that even makes us slightly interested enough to even leave the house. This is where the base building comes in. Base building should make life easier and easier as you progress and there should be many choices to make. How and where you make these choices should matter.

4. Base building:

Now for this we can start simple and go as detailed as we like to, so i am just going to list some of the things i would like to see in the near future.

Perimeter fence would be simple and effective way of creating a safe zone outside the house where we can build. The fence could be salvaged from the dams metal fence using needed tools or crafted with wood. The choice is ours to make. Do expeditions to dam or collect lots of wood. See we allready have a goal to leave the house now with a choice to make and this is just the start.

Being able to move objects we like from other houses would be great. For example you found an oven why not move it into your base? And this could give us the ability to cook in bulk instead of cooking 1kg at a time which i'm sure everyone finds quite tedious. See we are trying to make life easier. Hell we can even build a stone oven outside if we wanted to and this oven could come in sizes which sets how much meat we can cook in bulk. You want to cook everything at once? Then you have to build a big oven but materails needed will be equally more too. See more choices. The perimeter fence will keep the wolfs and bears away but its best not to cook infront of an hungry bear while it is just outside the fence. Who knows maybe the bear is so hungry that the fence might not stop it from forcing its way inside. Now we have more things to worry about than just matches late game...

How about carrying plastic boxes and leaving those outside in the safe zone to keep our meat in. Sounds good right? If you don't have a fence tho get ready for unforseen circumstances and dealings with wildlife :)

Build a smoker to make jerky. This allows us to carry high calory food which doesn't weight as much. As a plus it preserves the meat longer too.

Now these are just some of the things we could do. I have so many ideas that i could write a book here if i were to continue. You could add more in the comments if you like, i am sure there will be many intriguing ideas.

In conclusion, it is clear that base building can add alot to the late game and give us an incentive to continue our run other than to count the days we survived holed up in a house rationing.

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+1 to late game base building and a sense of 'progression'

Perhaps we have find instructions on how to build the sledge, houses and other items before we build them. We have to gain knowledge before we can make these items which would keep the early and mid game intact (we wouldn't be able to build a sledge early on and make the game really easy as maybe there are 3-4 sets of instructions per items that are scattered throughout the maps, without them we can't build the items fully).

Another sense of progression could be our items getting better (perhaps lighter/more durable) or us getting stronger. Exmaple - a better hatchet produces wood at a faster rate.

Another possible idea - (maybe hated by some or ALL even, but I'll throw it out there) perhaps after 30/60 or 90 days etc we can obtain 1 duplicate save so if we die we can start that run from that save but if we die again it is deleted just as it is normally. Only 1 duplicate per run and only if you exceed so many days.

More mid-late game content - Could we find an old fashioned Barometer that needs to be fixed up? Maybe we need it to increase our chances of survival when faced with an epic journey to new lands. The map that joins the two main ones is extremely sparse both in area, cover and also loot etc. The journey NEEDS a sled for supplies. Mayeb the sled is also our main wind guard/cover for when a storm kicks in (empty it, turn it on its side, pack snow into the slots and surrounding area (SPADE NEEDED or hands etc freeze = BIG temp drop etc) and get ready to wait that storm out. Whilst talking storms - c'mon, give us lightening and perhaps even rain on the rare occasion which brings in the wet gameplay which is rarely seen. Perhaps it's freakishly warm, which thaws the snow alloing for it to rain???

Anyway +1 n0iexty. It is very much needed as I think most of us at some point have got to the "well what now?" stage!

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