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It would be nice to have a mode where no man made food, medical supplies, or weapons spawn in the game. I play this way already on my current character in sandbox mode but it always takes away from the experience when my character is starving and there is a bunch of food laying around. There could be be different difficulties like other modes for instance:

Easy (Pilgrim): Start with a few arrow heads, hunting knife, bandages.

Medium (Voyager): Start with hunting knife.

Hard (Stalker): Start with nothing.

Anyways thanks for the great game hinterlands, can't wait for story mode!

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And a map to come with it?!

Fully wilderness. Only a few hunting/log cabins here and there with a small lake and a bit of fishing cabins?!

Maybe there should be some man made items spawn in like matches or firestrikers. Extra tools that you don't spawn with like hatchets or knives.

Pretty cool idea!

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