Help! I fell off the map and I'm stuck...


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Ok. So I fell off the map. Happens to everybody, right? :roll: Anyway, I was wandering around exploring not far from the mountaineers cabin in timberwolf mountian. I noticed a spot along a short ledge that looked like I might be able to climb up despite the fact that the ledge looked like one found at the edge of a map. I poked around for a bit and found a way up. On the other side I noticed a small area that I could get down to before I reached the real edge of the map. I've since sprained all my limbs. Damn to hell injury autosave! :evil: Now I'm stuck down on this small slope with no way back up without risking falling off the edge or repeatedly falling till I die.

I've looked for the save folder to see if I might be able to delete the auto save so I revert back to my last sleeping session. I've found the place where my save files are but I can't make sense of them. Can anyone help me here?

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