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I believe that there should be a long term weather effect. You can not have same weather all year round even if the whole world is in an Ice Age there still will be hotter and colder days. Also this would make long term survival more fun, and grant the wishes of some people who like more re spawning items in the game.

This is what I have in mind:

The survivor spawns in the "Good Weather" (Lasts 200 days) which will be same as now except much less blizzards and bad weather chance (Example: in total 7 days: 2 hour blizzard, 8 hours fog, 7 hours other bad weather).

However as the days go by the chance for Bad Weather increase until they will become almost half blizzards in a 7 days during which the survivor has stocked up supplies and "hibernates" as much as he/she can to pass the "Bad Weather" (Lasts 100 days) during which no wild life will spawn, the only means of restocking food will be fishing, and looting during the good days.

After 100 days pass the weather resets to "Good Weather" status again during which new outdoor items can spawn basically replacing the old world seed but just for the outside also the items that you did not pick up will be gone too. This will simulate the blizzards moving objects around during the BAD WEATHER period and after all is over there are new items either moved by blizzards or the snow was blown away exposing new plant life and such.

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