A few things about fur hides etc


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Is it just me or does the bear hide seem rather small? Not that I have ever seen a bear hide in person, but in game it seems only marginally larger than the wolf pelt. Not a big deal, but it would be nice to lay out a large bear hide by the fire for aesthetics ;)

While we are on the topic it would also be nice to be able to hang the hide from the wall, just because it looks so silly to have hides strewn around the floor. I would have thought if you were to cure any hides or guts it would be a requirement to hang them anyway?

Also in pleasant valley there is obviously cattle farming due to the haystacks and other things seen in the farms, but no sign of the cattle at all? Not even corpses, which just seems weird to me. Might be nice to have runaway cows be found specifically in pleasant valley?

Just pretty minor stuff but it still bothers me ;)

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