Interactive fire making


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I think it would be challenging to create a fire somehow like opening the safe.

Speaking of the safe, how about removing the display in the safe cracking screen for the stalker mode? Using the sounds of howling wolves or feet helps to survive, and cracking a safe would add to the immersive audio experience.

One other wish, how about no crafting in the dark? Maybe require a lantern at night, or torches to work on deer boots.

Beautiful game and great work Hinterland! Loving every hour :D

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I disagree on the fire interactive - matches are pretty straightforward, and making a mini game specific to firestriker and magnifying lens seems unnecessary given how often they're used.

Love the safe audio idea though - I was really disappointed that safecracking was as easy as the game made it.

Also love the light requirement for crafting.

thank you!

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