Screen resolution in the prefs file is not sanity checked?


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Hello Hinterland team!

Thank you for the massive effort you are putting into making this game run on all systems!

I wanted to submit a suggestion that might save some people some headaches. Some time this week I was playing around with the graphics drivers on my Ubuntu laptop, and somehow ended up screwing up the prefs file in the ~/.config/unity3d/Hinterland/TheLongDark folder. The resolution settings I had read this:


The game failed to start after that with an error that said:

Invalid resolution: 0 x 0
Failed to initialize ScreenManager

It looks like TLD might benefit from sanity checking the resolution and/or catching that error and defaulting to some sane default.

Happy to test more if you need it :)

Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

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It turns out that I can reproduce the behaviour, for some reason the game stopped working for me. I can only get to a black screen with the menu sound, and I believe it's due to this:

requesting resize 0 x 0
requesting fullscreen 0 x 0 at 0 Hz
Desktop is 3000 x 1920 @ 60 Hz

Here is the full Player.log:

Here are the steps to reproduce on my machine:

1. Run Steam

2. Delete the prefs file

3. Run the game

4. Skip the intro by pressing anything

5. Press any key when prompted.

6. Observe a black screen with menu sounds.

Happy to test more!

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