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Keep in mind, I don't know how the wind works so this might be totally obsolete :D

When there is a big storm blazing I sometimes find myself freezing to death because I can't find any real shelter (cabin) and my fires only last 6 minutes or so.

It would be nice if wind would be much less when you cover behind a big cliff or in one of the hunting huts.

This can maybe be achieved by placing box volumes behind the cliffs or inside those hunting cabins that tell the engine that inside these volumes wind is much less to almost non existent.

(I assume here that the wind is always coming from one direction.)

So if there is a lot of wind and you put a fire behind a big rock, the wind almost wouldn't influence it.

I don't think this is already the case? I'm sorry for wasting your time if this already is the case. :?

You could even write a small script that automatically puts this volume on the, let's say, North side of the big rocks placed in the game.

(script puts the volume on the vertex of the rock with the most +Z value. So when you rotate the rock the volume will still be placed at the North side, if the +Z axis is the North side. Put that in a prefab and the artists don't have to worry about more work.)

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Not sure, if this helps, but it already works like this. Wind always comes from a certain direction and if you cower behind a cliff that is between you and the direction the wind comes from you get wind protection and your fires last longer...

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Not sure... but we could use it for something good: Should there be some kind of warning in-game that adding precious firewood to a fire will not result in any additional burn-time? It is quite annoying to add coal or cedar to a fire only to realise that the game has decided it's too windy...

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