Fluffy bugs


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Continued existing game of 15 days with v.301 update on Voyageur mode.

Had the following experience:

1) Entered Carter Hydro Dam.

2) Ran through large middle room to control room on other side and hid behind metal shelves.

3) waited for Fluffy to show-up (even slept), but no Fluffy

4) lit a flare and went downstairs into turbine room

5) PROBLEM 1: saw Fluffy running on the spot and not attacking

6) went up stairs to top of turbine

7) PROBLEM 2: had to shoot Fluffy twice from almost point blank range before Fluffy died

8) went up stairs and slept the night

9) went back down next day to harvest Fluffy

10) PROBLEM 3: Fluffy's corpse had disappeared.

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