[Spoilers] Python script for maps! (T.M. in progress...)


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Hello everyone!

First of all, thanks to Hinterland Studio's team for TLD. This game has literally changed my life ;)

Why not having a little collaborative work for mapping the game (thanks to the previous mappers, who did an awesome job by the way)?

I just created a sweet python script (Wiindows only for now) which allows for a semi-automatic mapping of a region, and could use everyone's help to generate awesome topo-maps. Let me explain:

The mechanism behind the script is to automaticaly simulate the event of taking a screenshot in debug mode, before parsing the screenshot name and writing the coordinates to a file: this first implies that you can only map places you have gone to.

Based on the coordinates file created, the script uses python modules matplotlib and numpy in order to create a topo map.

Here are the results of a few hours experimenting:


Following this path:


Mapping is very easy, and even you can help in creating the map. Please visit the following github repository where you will find the script and explanations to start mapping. No more than 5 minutes should be required:


The next steps would be to map the other regions, approximately add the summit coordinates, add a mechanism to indicate zones of interest, the paths, and finally to find someone able to give an artistic feel to those boring topo-lines (everything is customizable, we can easily create only the altitude lines above another map...).

Any contribution would be greatly appreciated!

If you have any suggestions, remarks, or if the script does not work for you, do not hesitate to participate.

Hoping to create sweet maps with you,


To Hinterland: Do not hesitate to move this thread if necessary, or to tell me if diffusing this little "debug" hack would be forbidden...

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Having a little trouble getting this to work.

I've installed the Anaconda 2.7 Python package.

I've downloaded your zip file.

I've got the TLD Mapping tool program window up and running.

Set folders for maps and screenshots.

I click "start mapping".

When in TLD I hit F7, and can see the coordinate marker popping up on screen every few seconds.

All seems to be working, but when I quit the game and click "create map" I get this error -

Name Error:global name 'fpath' is not defined

I'm running Windows 7, any ideas?

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Thank you for the kind words! We're always very happy to hear when The Long Dark has positively impacted someone's life.

This is a very interesting project. I did a bit of python scripting in school, but nothing like this. While I'm here, I think I'm going to move your post to the Fan Art section. We have a couple of map-related creations there, and you might find some enthusiastic explorers willing to help.

Good luck! Looking forward to seeing more.

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Hello Tugdual, after hours of fiddling around with your program, I finally got it to work! Really cool idea you have here, I mapped out the summit tonight and I plan on having your mapping software running whenever I'm playing the game. It would be really interesting if these topo maps were combined with whiteberry's maps. I'll see about uploading my topos to your repository. I Hope you haven't lost interest in this project, I think it has a lot of potential. Hope to hear from you on this.

Here is the image of my topo of the summit of TWM, more to come.


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Just posting my latest updated topo of Timberwolf Mountain, I've pretty much mapped the entire region, the map just needs a few more tweaks. I'm working on changing the colors to represent the colors on an actual topographic map. I'll also add the river and the lake, and also the names of discover-able areas. I want this to eventually look like an authentic topographic map.

Updated this again 1/10/16


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