3 graphic bugs alert!


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Some other ones as well:


The stalagmites in this cave are off of the ground.


As I climbed down a cliff side, perfect footmarks were placed on a near 90-degree vertical surface. This is less about this particular location, and more about how the game treats footprints as you walk along/down cliff sides. I think it would be better to just not have the footprints there at all, since it's such an impossible angle.


It's hard to see, I would recommend downloading the image and increasing the gamma (or going to there in the game yourself), the mountain doesn't touch the ground, similar to the first image in this thread.


I feel like we should sticky this bug, since graphical issues like these are sort of common. Better to have one "graphical issues" thread, where it's easy to see what's already reported, than 30 different bugs for different sightings, where some are repeats, no? Would help against repeats as well I would imagine.

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