Carry limit improvements


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It would be nice to see some sort of fitness reward system for keeping well fed, hydrated, rested, etc, and you gradually are able to carry more and more.

Or a fitness skill that increases as you carry things or break down objects that raises your carry weight/decreases breakdown time.

Or maybe the ability to craft a bigger back pack, sew additional pockets onto backpack, clothing, etc. to increase you're overall carry capacity.

The current system has a lot of "which is more important to carry right now" and adds to the intensity of the survival experience. But as you spend more time in the wilderness I'd imagine you'd get harder (stronger) and smarter (sew extra pockets/bigger bag).

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Was just thinking the same thing.

You get better at crafting, cleaning weapons, starting fires. Yet you spend 30+ days carrying around a 30kg weight and never get better at it?

The way I look at this is, if you're carrying 20+kg for 8 out of 10 days, and don't suffer from malnutrition during that time, your carry limit goes to 31kg. This could then keep increasing, up to a max limit of say 40 or 45 kg. Becoming malnourished would start to bump this back down again.

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