Thrilled with the new Map!! GJ Hinterlands!!


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I was settled in to making my home on Coastal Highway..... to the point where I have a good long run going in Voyager mode. I've been playing every couple of days, so when I checked in the forums and saw there was a new update and map..... it was just like a Christmas present!! Something to bring that "thrill of the game" back.

I knew that the new map was located somewhere off of Paradise Valley and that's all I knew. I immediately made the preparations to travel to Paradise Valley to look for the new map.

I decided the easiest way to find the new map would be to make home base in the Homestead, which is right in the middle of the PV map. I spent a few days hunting, fixing my clothes and gear, then on the first nice day, headed out to try to safely search 1/4 of the outer perimeter walls at a time. I didn't know what I was looking for, ..... a cave, a mine, or a rope (and I won't give it away for those who haven't found it yet) and had several close calls with the weather.

Finally, on my fourth day of searching..... I found the way to Timberwolf Mountain!! I was so excited, I didn't even explore the bunker I found nearby as well! LOL

Stayed my first night in the Mountaineers Hut and am getting ready to start exploring the map as soon as I finish this post.

I also love all the new changes you've made to the game play, tools, and log...... very nice!

I know this game isn't for everyone, but I think for us loners who love to explore and love the daily challenges this game provides, I can honestly say that I've more than gotten my money's worth for this game!! ......... and that's just from playing the sandbox!! YOU ROCK HINTERLANDS!!

Heck.....for me personally,.... just keep adding new maps and I don't even need a storymode! LOL

(of course, like everyone else,....I'm still looking forward to the storymode....It's an added bonus ;) )

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