Apparently, bears can fly....


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Either bears can now fly or else they learned how to climb ropes. But, in all seriousness, I just had several hours of gameplay completely wasted by a major bug. I was climbing up Timberwolf mountain, on the section where the rope is too long to climb in one go and you have to stop on ledges to rest along the way (sorry if there is more than one spot like this, I only made it to one of them). On the first ledge, the fatigue warning popped up, so I decided to throw down my bedroll and take a quick nap. I awoke to the sound of growls right in my left ear, which needless to say scared the crap out of me. I seriously thought for a second that you guys had put mountain lions in without telling anybody.

But, no, rather there was a bear....on the tiny ledge with me....half stuck in the side of the mountain. I immediately pulled out a flare, not realizing he was stuck, which promoted him to freak out and initiate his run cycle in the middle of the cliff face. Seeing this, I made the decision that he was bugged out beyond repair and therefore not a credible threat. Wrongo. When I reach the next ledge up, I was still fatigued, so I tried to take a nap again, despite the buggy bear spazzing out below me.

This time, I woke up face to face with the bear, who had mysteriously teleported up onto the ledge with me and then proceeded to maul me. Even more mysteriously, as soon as the 'mauling animation' was done, the bear promptly fell over dead. Baffled and at 7% health, I tired to bandage and disinfect my wounds and stabilize my stats before getting some rest. And then I died in my sleep, despite treating my wounds, because why not? So, in conclusion, I was incredibly excited to try to climb to the summit of Timberwolf Mountain and I think I nearly made it, until I was murdered by a buggy teleporting bear. I will try to climb the mountain again tomorrow, but in the meantime, I would really appreciate it if you could look into this. Thanks and keep up the great work on the game! The update is fantastic, barring the magic bears.

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There are a few rope climbing sections that allow for resting at a ledge. I haven't seen or noticed one that used two ledges, though.

Sort of unrelated, but if you want to avoid sleeping on these ledges, try climbing with as little weight on you as possible. You are slower and increase fatigue faster the more you are carrying while you are climbing. I hope it goes better for you next time, the summit of Timberwolf is pretty fun to get to!

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