Rifle aiming and stability v 0.298


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I am not sure this is a bug or not, but before the update to kill a wolf I had to either get a short range shot or it would take several shots for me to drop the wolf, although nearly all shots did create a bleed condition on the wolf.

After the update I have fired 5 rounds and killed 5 wolves, all ranged shots. Since I doubt my accuracy with the rifle has improved that much overnight I am guessing that with a fully repaired rifle and good condition/stamina(?) the success rate must have gone up significantly and I would assume it went way down for an exhausted or injured player character. But it may be worth looking into.

Also relevant is that in real life while accuracy does go down both with a poorly maintained rifle and a tired/injured shooter, it also goes up with better shooting positions such as prone (not available in TLD) and knee braced shot, and with a shooting stand or bi/tri-pod. So while we now have the degraded accuracy effects we do not have the balancing enhanced accuracy effects. Adding the knee shot or the others has some risk to it since you must become a fixed position character to use them. This means a player must stand up for instance before they can run from an angry bear they failed to kill not to mention in non-pilgrim modes becoming a sitting target for wolves and bears is a dangerous action even if you don't pull the trigger. Adding prone shots would greatly increase that risk because it takes three times as long to get off your stomach and into a full run than it does to stand still and take a standing shot.

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