Hello from New Hampshire!


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Hello! I originally got The Long Dark a while ago when it was on sale around mid-September. So far the game has been absolutely amazing, with many amazing tales to tell, along with some amazing screenshots.

I love survival games, but most you find generally something like survive from zombies! or survive post apocalyptic blah-blah!. It's been refreshing to play a game where you don't have to worry about something like a zombie, instead something that would seem plausible. Such as don't freeze! or watch out for the wolf!. The cold part is relate-able to the ~60-80 inches of snow we get a year, but then again I enjoy both the game and snow in-actual ;).

Though some may look at it as a disadvantage, I love that the game is early access. How open it is to the community, and how friendly the devs and mods of the subreddit and forums are. You don't really see that too often, so I applaud that!

I just lurked mainly on the subreddit, but I decided it was time to register on the forums. So hello all!

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