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Hey Lloyd, glad you decided to make the leap to join the community. Just saw your wishlist - Thanks for sharing your ideas! You've played the game quite a bit - Do any moments in your 143 hours of gameplay stand out for you?

Welcome to the forums!

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Well, for someone who's played that long, I've only gotten to about 35 days in game.

I like the soundtrack, it matches the tone of the game very well, really it's key to the tone.

I sometimes play the game and I feel physically colder. I'll play for an hour or so, and then have to leave to go get a jumper.

I'm really excited for the story mode. The sandbox has been good at showing snippets of people's lives without even saying a word. So I'm very hyped over how it's going to be combined with actual dialogue and characters.

I also like how the transition zones each have their own theme and are thought provoking.

I dunno, maybe I'm thinking too much into this?

So yeah, this is a really good game. Thank you!

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