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Hello all. New here and I thought I'd introduce myself.

I have played The Long Dark for close to three months now, but would consider myself fairly well acquainted with the game. While maybe not an expert, I am sufficiently proficient enough. My current play through is also my record, so far standing at close to 15 days (more on that later).

In the world off the computer, I am an American citizen living in Ramona, California. I currently go to high school as a junior and am looking to join the military, or, failing that, move to Alaska and become a bush pilot/survivalist. As a matter of fact, I go to Alaska every other year to enjoy a little competition survival with a few of my friends, and as such is how I became interested in The Long Dark.

And, to explain my username, I have a bit of a thing for Stan Rogers' music. Some of my other favorites are Northwest Passage, The Mary Ellen Carter, Sailor's Rest, and his rendition of Rollin' Down to Old Maui.

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The survival competition is just a little something we do to test ourselves, get out, and take a break from the home life down south. This year it will be winter, so as soon as we go on break, we'll be headed up to Gates of the Arctic National Park to compete.

Rules are basically to survive. We each get one military-type backpack and whatever we choose to carry inside it, be it food, rope, matches, etc. Also included is one flare gun, flares (as in the game, they tend to be useful for scaring off unwanted guests from your dinner campfire), map and three compasses, and, for those able to carry, a revolver. The object is to see who can survive the longest amount of time before they return to the cabin. The current record, to my memory, is 21 days for the winter, 49 for the summer. Neither of which I hold :(

For those wondering, we do happen to alert park authorities before hand. They think we're crazy, but as long as we clean up and don't harm the wildlife for no reason, they're glad to let us roam.

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