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I'd like to see a simpler crafting method added to the game. Say while sitting by the fire or in a Shelter if you have a knife and hatchet you could make arrows maybe a bow drill set for fire making carve a new hatchet handle . Items like a sharping stone for the knife and axe would be nice I still don't see how the hatchet and knife wear out so fast? A ok knife last years with heavy use as long as you keep it sharp same for axes I have one that it my granddad's and still going strong just went through a few handles. And more uses for hides. Oh and last thing rabbits don't take that long to process

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Absolutely. It takes a ridiculous amount of abuse to wreck and axe head. The only thing that can realistically break if the handle. This goes for both hatchets and hammers.

When vacationing in Norway many years ago I discovered an old hammer in the ruin of a small cottage. The handle was half eaten by woodworm, the head was covered in rust and of an unusual (maybe obsolete) shape, similar to a European style sledge hammer. Judging by the ruin I'd say it was last inhabited in the 19th century, the 1920s the very latest. I brought the hammer home as a souvenier, but when my grandfather discovered it (he was a cartwright by trade) he quickly replaced the handle with a new one he had made and put the hammer in his toolshed with the other sledge hammers and splitting mauls. He did wonder about the small head though, as it was too small for a proper sledge hammer.

What I am trying to say is, this hammer was easily a hundred years old, lying around in the dirt for decades and when we found it all it needed was a new handle.

As regards knives, it is quite easy to wreck a knife, if you use it inappropriately. Like picking ice or opening cans or generally any kind of using it as a lever. They are not built for that and can snap.

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