Bugs observed after 30 hrs of play


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OS: Linux Mint 17.2

Video: NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti

CPU: Intel i7

RAM: 16 GB

A list of bugs I've encountered over the last week as I've played this strangely addictive little game...

1. Stepped through the camp office front door and proceeded to fall to infinity below the map. That was unexpected. And fun. :D

2. At times, when unloading items into a container that already has items in it, the container dialog will at first show the total inventory, but as items are unloaded into it, only the unloaded items will appear.

3. In the inventory, when the dialog has more items than it can show at once (requiring scrolling), if dropping items at the bottom of the inventory, the dialog doesn't refresh properly (expect it to fill completely, but only shows a few of the last items at the top of the dialog, I think)

4. When opening canned food to heat it up over a fire, while the can is being opened, the option to "heat up" the food returns. Clicking "heat up" before opening is complete seems to abort the process altogether. Suggest not allowing interaction until opening is complete.

5. When adding fuel to the fire, after clicking "Add Fuel", if I choose to add another of the same fuel type, clicking the "Add Fuel" button doesn't work, unless I trigger the button's mouseover event so it highlights. Suggest detecting mouse position in addition to trapping mouseover to ensure button remains highlighted and clickable.

6. I've noticed as I watch a murder of crows in flight, that they don't seem to do collision detection. On several occasions I've watch them fly straight into a rock cliff and disappear...

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