Sandbox Character 2.0! (perks, character design, ETC)


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Sandbox mode can get a little repetitive some times and a simple character creation system that would allow you to create a character, choose a perk for every two days you survive would spice things up a bit.

When you first enter sandbox mode and choose your gender you then have 3 options.

[Create a new character]opens the character creation segment

[Load character]Opens a character you have already made

[use default character]If you dont really care this option will let you skip the process

Character Design

Creating your physical character will be simple and not very complex. You can edit things such as your hair design, height, weight, ETC with sliders. To view how your character looks in game there will be an option to change your point of view from first to third person.


Depending on what difficulty you are playing on a certain ammount of days you survive in the world will grant you a new perk (Pilgrim: 2 days, Voyageur: 3 days, Stalker: 4 days) Some perk ideas are:

Anti-Freeze with each rank of this perk grants you +10% slower freezing

Who needs sleep anyway? with each rank of this perk grants you +10% exhaustion resistance

Firestarter with each rank of this perk starting a fire is +10% faster, and fires last +10% longer

Track Star with each rank of this perk your walk and sprint speed is +10% faster

Sniper with each rank of this perk ranged weapons are +10% more accurate

Hunger Strike with each rank of this perk your hunger degration is +10% slower

Night person with each rank of this perk you are +10% more resistant to animals during the night

Anti-Thirst with each rank of this perk you are +10% more resistant to dehydration

High Metabolism your calorie intake is +10% more resistant

Thanks for reading if you are a fan please support! If you are a dev please consider adding this into sandbox. :D

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Character design ? Why ?

Its a LOT of work for designers for some feature that no1 will use after creation screen. Its totally and utterly useless. To create 3rd person view feature so that player could see himself from a different perspective, without any need nor point to it. A feature for a feature itself, adding no value to the game.

Perks. Considering that players who played game for a long time have to trouble surviving for over 100 days, it would be completely unbalanced.

Maybe progressive system, that requires increasingly greater amount of days to get next perk point. And bonus of 10% is ridiculously high, maybe 1% would be more realistic. Altho i personally prefer skill system, that progress as player perform appropriate tasks.

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I will disagree here; I believe that there are allot that will enjoy the game even more with the ability to switch between a 1st and 3rd person view, it not for every one I get that but will it harm the game? No. I personally enjoy being able to see my charter from the 3rd person view, even more so when you have a selection of clothing to look at, like the Wolf coat, or deer boots, I think it be awesome to see your hard work at hand after finishing all the craft-able cloths, and gear to boot, awesome. I think it adds a level of game play that some would really like to see, especially when you have the ability to keep the game untouched and play in solely the 1st person view, because remember it a game that is made for people to enjoy, from all walks of gaming.

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