Suggestion to simplify UI when moving items in containers


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Short version:

We could get rid of the dialog box were we choose how many items to transfer by having two buttons in the UI: 'transfer one' and 'transfer all'.

This image should give the idea (I hope you'll excuse my image editing skills :D).


Long version:

Right now, when we are transferring items between the backpack and a container, we first select the item and then click the big white arrow.

If we only have one instance of that item, it is immediately transferred (which is fine).

If instead we have more instances of that item, we are presented with a dialog box with 3 choices: transfer, transfer all, cancel.

If we want to move SOME items, we click N times to select how many items, then we click 'transfer'.

For example, assuming we have many items of one kind, to move only 3 of them we have to:

- select item

- click big white arrow

- click 2 times to bring 'how many' counter to 3

- click 'transfer'

With the UI changes I'm suggesting in the image above, the same operation would be done in this way:

- select item

- click 3 times on 'transfer one'

As with most changes, there are pros and cons:


- it would remove the need to click on 2 extra buttons

- it would remove the dialog box with 3 choices (transfer, transfer all, cancel)


- it would add some clutter in the UI (a new button)

All in all, I think it is a good idea, that would make for a swifter player experience.

What do you guys think?

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