The Ravine


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I spent 40 days in Mystery Lake, after crash landing on a hillside near a logging camp. I had everything I needed at the Camp Office. Food, materials, extra clothes if the stuff I crafted wore out. I imagine I could have lived there forever. I had explored most if not all of the region. Everything I had gathered had been neatly organized in my home base on the edge of Mystery Lake, the Camp Office. A place for everything and everything in its place.

Every few days I would get a visit from Blaze, a wolf who had gotten into the habit of walking near the front door looking for deer. You might say I had accepted my reality that no one was searching for me, and I was beginning to get comfortable in my new life here.

On day 41, the morning was beautiful. I was up with the dawn and stood on a rock and watched as the sun struggled above the treetops to the east. The air was crisp and cold, nipping at the little skin I left exposed to the elements. My crafted clothes beat away the freeze with ease.

The day prior had been a particularly robust fishing day, I could barely carry back all the bass and whitefish I had caught that night. Cooked, slightly charred, to perfection I had no immediate needs for the day. Most of the time on a clear day with nothing to do I stock up on water. Today would be no different, but for water I would need wood.

I grabbed my most worn hatchet (I had 4 of them you know) and a hunting knife in case I ran into a carcass. About a week ago I stopped taking flares with me. I had only 2 left, and I had gotten to know the wolves around the cabin pretty well, so I was able to avoid them.

I was out chopping up a cedar limb that must have blown down during the storm that battered the cabin last night. I was about half way through when I heard my stomach rumble. Odd, I had just finished off a nice venison patty from the night before for breakfast, I shouldn't be hungry yet.

Instantly I knew I was in trouble. I looked up to see those beady eyes and sharp fangs slowly approaching from over the hill. This was not Blaze, and this was not an area frequented by my furry friends! I had been here over a month and had NEVER seen a wolf on this hill side. My heart raced as all these thoughts flashed through my mind in a split second. My stomach tightend, and he was on me.

I had fought wolves before, some big and strong, some small and timid. Then there was that damn wolf in the dam. This creature, however, was like none other I had ever encountered. I slashed with my knife and beat it with my hands, but it just kept coming at me. I think it must have gone mad with hunger, as it would not relent. Finally it left, my will stronger than his.

With blood dripping I dragged myself back to the cabin. Barely clinging to reality, and within an inch of my life, I was able to patch my wounds with special bandages I had made. I spent the next two days recovering, thankfully I had enough food and water to make it.

I now know I cannot stay. I must move on. I will never completely tame this wild, never conquer the beasts within it. I must search, search for others. There has to be someone else out there. I can't be the only one left. I have comfort but no purpose here. An existence without meaning. It is no longer enough to just survive. I need to know what has happened, and is there anybody out there?

I know of a path near the Hydro Dam that leads to an area called the Ravines. I will pack my things tonight and head out at dawns first light. Should I follow the tracks or attempt to traverse the rocky ledges to the bottom of the Ravine?

If there is anyone out there, and you stumble upon this message, look for me. The food I have left in the filing cabinet has probably spoiled, but I left water upstairs on the table, and an MRE in the cabinet. You can find a hatchet and knife in there as well. I will be heading through the Ravine to whatever is on the other side. Or possible down it, I don't know. Do not give up on me, I will survive. Just find me if I don't find you.

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