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what i would love to see in this game is character stats.

cardio / endurance would gradually increase the more you run, or walk huge distances without resting.

strength would increase as you carry more over your carry limit. as you carry more and more, heavier and heavier objects, your character would become stronger and be able to carry more weight without being over encumbered.

stealth would increase as you sneak around animals and AI surviviors. at the lower levels, they would spot you much easier whilst crouching. but as this skill improves, you generate less noise and are more easily able to sneak past. (because when AI survivors are added, i imagine i'll be sneaking around a lot. i dont imagine very many of them will be friendly)

that being said, i know the game already has skill stats, such as repair and firemaking, but i think that adding physical stats would be a large improvement on that :)

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