Grow Your Own Mushrooms


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I had an idea from this video:

We do have all the necessary ingredients in the game, to grow our own mushrooms:

Cardboard check, Plastic containers check, dirt check, Mushrooms check (although some editable mushrooms would be nice too)

So what I purpose is this, Make every plastic container with an option to grow mushrooms, or better yet make craft-able item from 10 units of tinder, 1 lit water and 1 mushroom that can be placed in a plastic container or on it's own to grow mushrooms. As it is now there is too much tinder in the game anyway at least in this way there will be a good use for it. Simple idea but effective imagine other possibilities that can come from this, like cooking stews with meat and mushrooms which will spoil much slower and increase calories for example venison stew with 1 raw venison or cooked and 4 mushrooms = 4 venison stew 500 cal. per

Check out the video and tell me what you think.

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