Fall damage to low - broken limbs?


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I was surprised I did not find any posts about this yet, the fall damage is ridiculously low.

I don't know if you have any plans on implementing broken limbs one day, I would really like that, but walking away from a ~8m fall with a sprained ankle and 50% health loss is ridiculous.

It seems that it doesn't matter if you fall onto snow, ice or concrete, there should be a significant difference.

Your carry weight should also heavily influence the damage you take.

I know Video games are always a bit softer when it comes to fall damage, but a survival game should not.

Anything above 6-7m onto concrete or ice should be fatal, similar to a bear attack that there is a chance of passing out, you should have the chance of spraining multiple limbs, if not all.

Onto snow the fall damage might not be as bad, but spraining only one limb from that height is still to soft in my opinion.

I did some testing because I had doubts if its even possible to die from a single fall, and it is, but you have to sprint down the cliff at Katie's Secluded Corner and land on the road, that is easily a 15m fall.

I think that is good, although people can survive all kind of crazy stuff somewhere has to be a limit.

I would like to see more injuries even from smaller falls, broken limbs for example?

And maybe a random chance of breaking some items in your bag, any food or soda cans might pop open, magnifying lenses could break and your clothing could have a chance of tearing up as in a wolf attack. Especially when you fall onto concrete or ice.

Soft items in your bag, knife and hatchet should of course not be affected.

And once again, even though I know it has been mentioned a couple of times before, broken limbs would be great!

Anything from wrist over ribs and nose to legs. Some would need treatment with splints you have to craft from two bandages and reclaimed wood or sticks, if you don't treat them you will be crippled and you will permanently have to walk with a "sprained ankle" when you broke your foot/leg or you can't use weapons anymore/will permanently increase weapon sway when its your wrist which was broken.

Broken limbs should only happen when from higher falls and maybe from a bear attack, when simply walking around sprained wrists and ankles are already enough to deal with.

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Throwing too much time into fall damage mechanics seems a bit niche, but I do like these ideas. I'd particularly like to see more severe injuries that require different supplies to fix. At the moment carrying painkillers and old man's beard bandages, or bandages and antiseptic covers everything.

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