HOLE in Coastal Region lake - Stuck in ice!


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Sadness. My 63 days in came to a halt this past Sunday morning when I walked out onto ice and without any warning fell through. No weak ice notice appeared. Instead of the screen fading out and then back in to notify me that I had hypothermia and and my clothes were wet, I instead remained in place and continued to sink into darkness with the world (graphics) rising quickly above me and eventually out of sight. My girl is still alive at 90%, but stuck and cannot move out of her predicament.

Over the last two days I have logged back in to find the same situation and that I cannot move. I re-sink into blackness again each time and my condition begins ticking away from 90%. I'll keep checking on her and hope that at some point this bug will be fixed.

I had just left the crumbling highway and was walking out of Commuter's Lament. Right about at the first car you come upon (a red car) is where I, instead of continuing on the road, turned left and walked toward the lake and out onto the ice. I had not gone that far when I just fell through without any weak ice notice.

Is there hope that I will be able to play this character again or is she completely lost?

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