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Just a number if things I thought to myself when I was playing:

So these ideas mainly revolve around the temperature aspect of the game.

1. Instant Hot Packs: you know those heat packs that generate heat via chemical reactions? I mean it would be nice if they existed in the game so you don't have to make a fire whenever you are getting to cold. And it is logical to have since you're in Canada right?

2. Thermal flasks/bottles: I'd like to bring a hot drink with me to help fend off the cold.

3. Rest till Warm & Rest till fire extinguishes: As the game is now, one would have to start a fire and stand beside it and stare into blank space till the character warms up. Another way around this is to lay down the bed roll and rest for an hour which WILL waste precious daylight. I'd like to have an option to rest till my character is totally warmed by the fire which also automatically terminates when the fire dies off.

I think it would be nice if there were more resources in the game, namely electricity. I get the feeling it is already intended by the fact we can open the hood of cars and see the car battery. (or is that for story mode)

So some simple gadgets that run on batteries would be nice. Namely:

1. Flashlights

2. Electric lanterns

3. Watches

4. Radio (weather forecast channel)

5. Taser? (don't know if this would spoil the fun of fearing coming in close combat with a wolf, so maybe not?)

What do you guys think? :D

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hot packs/ handwarmers and thermoses have been suggested a few times already but I still think they would be a good addition so here's my +1.

Resting withour sleeping has also been suggested but not like this. Resting until warm seems like a good option to me, although simply resting for 30 min instead of a full hour would do the trick for me.

And then the electricity... The game is based on this: an electromagnetic disaster has either destroyed all electronic devices or is somehow suppressing them from working. So any modern flashlights/ electric lanterns/ watches etc would not work. And even old flashlights/ lanterns (that don't use LED's) could possibly be useless as the light bulbs would likely be destroyed by any event strong enough to damage electronics.

But you're right that the devs probably do have something planned for us with electricity. The radio's you find in the world are clickable, even if they don't do anything yet, and there are those car batteries. We'll just have to wait and see what they're planning with those. We won't have to wait very long though, TLD is still planned to release this December.

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