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I was carrying a load of objects, bedroll - lantern(s) etc. then when I got back to base camp (light house) I decided to unload some weight.

I dropped the bedroll first, as this sucker can weigh a bit. I then dropped a lantern I found. Cool I thought that would offset a stack of weight. so I escape menu to view my dropped items.

What do I see 1 bedroll and no lantern! seems the bed roll has eaten my lantern :) and no doubt any other smaller objects if I dropped them.

I confirmed it did by picking up my bedroll again and yay, my lantern was there ready to pick up again.

I think this could be a small problem that could be fixed by the devs? maybe some sort of collision box around items/objects, this was cause them to fall next to each other and not inside of on top of each other?

Also if each object had a collision box of some sort then maybe objects could be stacked on top of each other, ie bedroll with a lantern sitting/ balancing on top of it :)

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