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My name is Alex, been playing for 22 hours and i think this game has huge potentional! What bothers me is that ive just spent, maybe 18 hours try to survive, and i did until i for some reason died. What happend is that i went up a slope, just a normal one, so there were no difficulty getting up. The slope was in Mistery lake, the one close to train loading area. North of it. However i walked up, and it says that ive died from falling. Im so sad right now since i dont wanna do all this gathering for nothing! Alright if i died while fighting but this is just making me mad! Please do something about that! You should not die just because you went out exploring and happend to be at the end on the map!

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Hello, just fallen through what could be the same hole, although mine was more over towards the bunker location than the one marked by the OP as that is what I was looking for when I went up there to check for it.

Crusing around at 100% then dead .... "Died from massive internal injuries" ... slightly annoying as I was around day 30 and hadn't even left the map yet.

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