Wolf coming through a wall again


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I was standing outside the Camp Office front door. I watched a wolf walk towards me from the direction of the tracks. Suddenly it just vanished into the air. Then I heard a wolf growl and looked left and right, but saw nothing. Still I was attacked by a wolf and during the attack I noticed that it was coming through a wall, the same way as earlier in the broken houses.

I didn't get a screenshot of that, but I am sure that is what happened, because I saw a brown background and bits of wolf head coming through it. The screenshot below shows the paw prints coming and going, so it was coming from the left (the direction of the tracks), although I had just looked that way and didn't see it. The one that disappeared was more to the right, so this must have been another one.

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Guest Alan Lawrance

Just yesterday we found (and fixed) this issue internally. Issue was the building was rigged incorrectly, so it was getting ignored by wildlife in terms of collision and pathfinding.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.