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So, heres the thing. I've been playing Long Dark for several months now, and I adore it with every fiber of my being. Seriously. Of all the early access survival games out there this one is far and away the best polished, designed, most immersive, and it doesn't have zombies or monsters. Just the wolves, which do nothing to detract from what is for me the definitive survival game. So before I go into my thoughts on what could make this game better, I wanna just be upfront in that I think that you guys are doing a fantastic job and will continue doing a fantastic job. This isn't a "THIS GAME SUCKS WITHOUT THIS, THIS, AND ONLINE MULTIPLAYER" post, this is a "I love the game and would feel privileged to offer some ideas and thoughts on possible additions to the core gameplay" post.

And I would love to hear the communities thoughts on these suggestions, of course:) Im sure some of these have been suggested before (some are pretty simple) but they are still suggestions that I feel could use some thought.

So Here they are, in order of what I consider potential:

1) Rescue Mode

So recently Ive begun playing Long Dark by setting "Rescue goals". Basically, I spawn in a certain part of the map, figure out where I am, then make it my goal to reach another, far distant point on the map (Center of Pleasant Valley to Mystery Lake, or the frozen like in Coastal Highway to the Radio Tower in Pleasant Valley). It occurred to me while doing this that, until the full ingame story is complete, this could be a good way of keeping people engaged in the game, by making this a game mode. I see it like this: A seperate tab for "Rescue Mode" in which you are spawned on a random point in the map and are told by ingame radio that plane or helicopter (Im thinking plane) will pick you up at another point on the map. You then are trying to reach that point while surviving, at which time you shall be rescued. There could even be things like a scoreboard, having to start a signal fire, having to find a radio before being informed of your rescue location, a new use for flares, etc. this could engage players who are having a hard time finding interest in the game since they die every time they play. At least here there could be an added goal. And yes I know the goal right now is to survive as long as possible, but here at least theres the chance of a happy ending. Kinda like FTL.

2) Wolf AI improvements (Wolf pack)

I know being an accurate simulation of the life cycle of wolves is not what this game is about, and I already think wolf AI in this game is pretty solid. They play a part in making the danger feel real, and thats important. My thought is this, and its a touch of immersion and an engaging challenge...

There are individual wolves, who wander the landscape and behave much as they do now. But they represent lone wolves, wolves who are more desperate and dangerous. Their should be less of them than there are now, because also spawning are wolf packs, no more than three or four wolves to a pack, two or three packs on the map at one time. Individual wolves in wolf packs are less dangerous, more timid. Waving a torch or flare or hiding behind a fire should be enough to scare the individuals off, provided you wave at them, and make sure not to get too close or let one behind you. The added challenge though is that now not only are you concerned with more than one wolf at a time, but if you scare them off, they will withdraw off into the woods, but continue to follow you. You might see them in the distance or hear them howling at night. A day or so later, they might approach again. Eventually, if you run out of fire, they will catch up to you.

If a single wolf in a pack attacks you, it should be fairly easy to fend him off. If two attack, though, it becomes more challenging. If three all jump you at once, your basically screwed.

So, I know this feature might not be what your looking for in your game. And thats okay. Also I dont have the slightest idea how hard it would be to code. Regardless, its just a thought:) Id love to hear feedback on it.

3) Fire adjustment

This is simply a small touch: I dont feel like breaking a chair or piece of furniture should REQUIRE a hatchet. It'd make the job a lot quicker, but it bothers me that I run out of wood when all these chairs and tables are sitting around. I don't need a hatchet to smash one into the wall.

Anyways. Thank you so much for reading through this all. It means a lot that I could in any way contribute thoughts or ideas to this game, I really have found it to be one of the best I've played in recent memory. Any feedback is more than appreciated, any questions also:)

Thanks for reading:)

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