Game freezes when leaving Mystery lake, entering The Ravine


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As the title implies,

the game freezes everytime I leave mytery lake (railroad near the dam) into the ravine..

It has happened 4 or 5 times in a row yet I seem to get a little further each time, until I check my inventory or run etc...

any suggestions? all help appreciated.


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Guest mcopeman

Hey Shan! Could you post your debug log?

On PC, the log is written to the data directory for the game. For Steam, this would look like: C:\TheDirectoryYouInstalledSteamTo\steamapps\common\TheLongDark\tld_Data\output_log.txt

For Mac, the debug log is written to: ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log

Note that ~ above is your home folder (little house icon).


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I'd say split it into 2 files and post in consecutive posts. It's just a .txt file so you can use Notepad copy and paste the first half and name output_log1 and take the other copy and paste it into a new file and call output_log2. Hopefully that will fit :]

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Thnaks for that, seems to have done the trick! I've now made it ino coastal highway.

I got caught in a blizzard but made it to the small building at the train unloading area.

However, when I entered the building the graphics have now become a little dodgy with parts "blacking out" then coming back when I walked to the specific area


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Hi Jeremy, I'll assume you're talking about graphics settings.

RES 1366 x 768

Quality Med

Screen mode Full sreen

Units, metric

clock 24 hour

vert sync off

HUD normal

Subtitles Off

language English

FOV 82.1

Hope that helps.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Could you try going to Low settings please.

Also could you run this please. Not sure if you did or not yet I see it was mentioned.

In Steam interface, click on "LIBRARY".

In games list, right click on "The Long Dark".

Choose "Properties"


Paste into text box "-force-d3d9" without the quotes

Click "OK".

Click "CLOSE".


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