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These are just my thoughts on firearms in the game to fall inline with the what would likely be scavenged.


While I love a good .303 Enfield (I am an Australian shooter so I have two) I feel the pain of keeping .303 in stock as these days its becoming a rare ammunition in surplus and rare in commercial form.

I think personally that a .303 Enfield would be unlikely to find up north, if we are talking conventional hunting rifles I think a rifle similar to the one on the Rifle Rounds box would be appropriate; a bolt action .308 with iron sights. I would go to say 6 round internal magazine and single load the rounds into the magazine only.


I have noticed now that I have the survival bow I am using it for hunting and keeping my rifle as a defensive implement. I was thinking that pistols are at their core a defensive item and the implementation of a smaller calibre revolver as a rabbit hunter but defensive tool could be good.

I would love to see something like a .38special revolver. You could shoot a rabbit with it, maybe it could kill a wolf in say 2 - 3 shots depending on your aim and likely it will just irritate a bear so you are going to need to be good at landing 3 shots in its face or deviate to your more powerful rifle or be good with the bow.

Another dimension to the revolver as a mechanic is when it's by itself you can shoot two handed, but you could hold a Storm Lantern, a Flare or Torch and use it one handed albeit with more sight wobble.

What are your thoughts ?

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Lots of people have been suggesting additional guns of one type or other. The problem with this is Ammo. finding the wrong type of ammo would likely annoy players (me not so much) and there would then likely be less of each type otherwise you would just use guns instead of bows/snares etc. There is already an abundance of ammo for the rifle and I hardly use my rifle at all as i prefer the bow (except for hunting bears).

While I have no idea on the types guns more likely to be found in Canada I am happy that we have one already and do not see the need to another. Fair enough if they change the current rifle to something "more likely" to be found.

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Well, I've traveled the maps, and have yet to run across a firearms store.. Yes I gest.. In reality, most houses would have a gun or two as well as ammo kicking around.

I for one support more guns in the game, even a badge for it or such for collecting up all the different types in a run. It would just be one more thing we could use to occupy our time in game.

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