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  1. I don't want to have to have multiple Xbox profiles to have several saves... Kind of the reason why I would want this. Because I don't want to switch between profiles to play another save... I want my things on my Xbox account. You dont need to switch profiles at all. it gives you the option of which profile to load in game regardless of which profile is actually signed into the Xbox
  2. I play on Xbox One and you can have different game instances on different player profiles. i.e I have 1 game running on my profile & my wife has 1 game running on her profile. So when she plays there is no impact on my save game & vice versa. I expect the same can be achieved on PC/Mac simply. Just have a separate user account which you can switch to and you can then have 2 different games going (if that makes sense) This way you wont be needing a "multiple save program" which I am sure 99% of ppl would use for different game instances but some may use to "undo" or revert back to before they died etc. I would try it on PC but I don't wanna buy it twice LOL :lol:
  3. When I first started playing this game I suggested both these. IMO now though they would be wasted. With the geomagnectic event a compass would likely not work. American Steel has said the sun already gives us indications and using landmarks is easy enough. Map making really would be wasted as the maps are not very big and are fixed so never changes (except for active bear cave's). I say this quite a lot but if Hinterland introduced a random map generation option then map making would be great.
  4. I've never seen a bunker in any of my many games :cry:
  5. It doesn't seem this has been posted before but correct me if i'm wrong. So I was wondering around by the Cabin Office Rail tracks in ML. I see a wolf attack and kill a deer so I run after it. I managed to sneak up on it but got too close and it turned to attack me. I had already drawn my bow so managed to hit it with my arrow before it attacked. Now here is the weird thing. I fought it off in the usual manner and it died within a few seconds, great I thought but the "fight" continued and i received further wounds etc. The fight would not stop until I continued to "fight back" by pressing A and filled the bar.
  6. I haven't had this issue since starting a new game so it does appear to be a problem when loading a pre .256 save game.
  7. Yeah agreed, and i would assume that they would be fairly common and as you say with hyperthermia introduced we could do with a way of carrying hot/warm drinks for when we can't build a fire due to winds.
  8. Not sure we would have enough time the way they are atm as they run off as soon as you "defeat" them. maybe with changes this would be possible. Still not convinced but something that would be good to test.
  9. I think the rifle butt would be useful most against wolves, with enough force could easily crush their head You mean when that attack us? timing would have be right and that would be difficult.
  10. Water: Why do we need this? We already have water bottles (kind of). We dont need to carry snow we just melt it in a fire. Fuel: Again why burn plastic? they will just melt and cause noxious gas! Cookware mechanics: I could see some additions that might be beneficial, frying pan for one. I'd love a thermos flask to keep hot drinks. Carry items: Yes, I think a travois or sled is realistic to be able to craft. Moving furniture: Yeah I think that would be good depending on the size of the item. Moving carcasses: Yep been mentioned by many people and is something I think really needs to be added Cooking is not an active task: True BUT I personally I like the current system of accelerated time while cooking. I spend enough time on other things that slowing the game time for cooking would be pointless. wider material range for repairs: Nah, why would you fix deer skin clothes with rabbit skin? pointless espcially given how easy it is to keep a constant supply of deer, wolf & rabbit skin anyway. I do however agree with repairing to 100% possible everytime is stupid. should lose some % max each time we repair so we have to craft new items after a while. Batteries and electronic devices: No, with the geomagnetic storm big enough to bring down the plane we were on would likely affect electrical equipment but also what would you do with it? It doesn't fit with the survival aspect or the general nature of the game. Learning system: Maybe but most repairs are simple and crafting would be easy to figure out. Mapping system: Not needed with the current fixed maps but would be great with random maps if they every bring that in. drying rack: Yes yes yes Auxiliary objectives: I've not read your previous post regarding this but this is a survival game and also sandbox mode. Story mode will delivery what you are seeking I think. Tree cutting: Yes especially the fallen trees, I think they are working towards that after the latest patch.
  11. Yeah I would like a sneak melee option for killing wolves. its so easy to distract them and sneak up on them that an option for a lunge attak that could miss or could hit before the wolf attacks back would be great. Rifle butt would be cool for when we run out of ammo but not sure when it would be effective as it would be cumbersome.
  12. Dead bodies inside are quite useful for storing space. Dead bodies outside can be useful too, since environmental temperature seems to affect the decay rate of stored meat. hmmm I think there is more than enough storage in buildings to not need to use bodies! thats just weird. As for outside I have not needed to do this either let alone on a body. I would like to be able to bury them but the problem with that is the reduction of bird feathers
  13. No with the ease of getting meat from all animals in the game there is simply no need to resort to eating humans! I know it has been said that hinterland will not have it in game and I think you will find the community agrees with them.