Sound crackling/flickering in and out


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  • 1 year later...

I've got a similar problem since i have bought the game. 

in random times (3-4 seconds intervals or sometimes longer) all sounds and effects stops for a second then continues although the game graphics flows in a decent frame rate (there is no hesitation on game flow except sound problem).

specs; Win 10 OS,


r7 240 (playing in "low" for decent fps - i've tried in all screen resolutions and detail levels),

kingston SSD,

msi 970-g43 MoBo,

endnote: i have tried to play the game via HDMI on TV, sound problem still stays. there is no problem when playing any other game or music etc. I've tried to reload all the game data. I wrote on steam forum and another topic in here (sorry for duplication) too.

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We've had some reports of Users having a driver issue with Realtek audio chipsets and Unity. Please update your audio drivers and check to see if the issue persists. 

Also - Please don't double post. Posting the same question in more then one thread won't have it answered faster. It just causes a bit of confusion, unfortunately. 

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I have found a solution:

I discorevered that there is a connect/disconnect problem with my front audio panel! randomly my pc detect a front panel connection and it makes a restart of all sound devices. it didnt make any change of any other audio streaming except TLD. So it was hard to find the cause.

  • In "Control Panel", i opened the Realtek's configurations and i've found the option of disabling front panel detection. It solved my problem.

have fun with The Game


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