Mauled with a View


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Spawned in the dam,

Exited through the back and made way through the upper left Cave system,

Came out and took shelter at the Signal Station in Pleasant Valley and found a rifle,

See a bear lumbering out near the fence, feeling cocky I take the rifle, not really knowing that a headshot is not a guaranteed kill.

Get what seemed a mix of mauling from the bear and it backs off, not sure if I fought it off in a clicking panic but I was down to 6% health so I barely drag myself inside the Signal Station and use about 6 bandages, antiseptic and scoff enough painkillers to make a rhino pass out and start resting, eventually back to a state that could resemble alive.

Eventually make my way down to the Farmhouse which became very deer to me (yes spelling pun).

Shoot and dress enough deer to stock the house freezer to max.

Then that buggery black bastard comes lumbering near the front porch, I wish vengeance, I coax him near the railing which he stops at, right before his wet nose touches my barrel I let him have it.

27 kilos of meat and a curing bear rug on the floor ........ got my own back.

Nice view from the Signal post, when your not bleeding to death from a chewing.

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