Infinity fall below map, and sprained ankles


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Xbox one version.....

I was in pleasant valley going to the coastal Highway and couldn't find the entrance/transition but instead found a spot that I could walk through under a rock area that looked as it may have been the way. I was wrong it was actually the end of the map and then if you drop down infinity drop. After sadly checking again to see if was a loading issue I did again and sure enough same thing took a video and still capture. It sucked I was just under 17 days.

After I I restarted I started back in Mystic Lake and was going to use the railroad to go to Coastal Highway since apparently I can't use Pleasant Valley in less than 10 min I apparently sprained my ankle 4 times no fall damage just walking. Not the first time and I am sure until it is a finished fully it won't be the last.

also I am not sure what is happening I have yet to find any bunkers through Mystic and Pleasant I also used some Internet help with maps and videos and still a no go. I know it is random but, my understanding is you get at least one some where. A bit of direction for those would be helpful.

You can see these videos as my username here is the same as my live account.

Thanks I advance and hope the bug info will help in finalizing.


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